Opioid Treatment Programs and MAT Clinic Business Solutions

Opioid Treatment Programs and MAT Clinics provide life-saving treatment services to those afflicted by opioid addiction. We’re proud to stand with MAT Clinics and help them advance their practice to the next level. 

 We provide web design services specifically for MAT Clinics, in addition to patient acquisition services. Our subsidiary GetSuboxone can provide your practice with direct patient referrals, so your practice has multiple ways to grow.


Healthcare Intermediaries can help your MAT Clinic find Suboxone patients.

Get Suboxone Patients with Healthcare Intermediaries

A company born in the midst of a pandemic, Healthcare Intermediaries emerged to fill the gap between patients and MAT practitioners. Within our first few months, we’ve connected 200+ patient to providers across the country, and we continue to connect more and more each day. With Healthcare Intermediaries and GetSuboxone, your MAT clinic gets a professionally designed website in addition to direct referrals from GetSuboxone – something no other company can offer. 

We receive countless of new patients each day; the only question is whether your clinic can handle it.

Healthcare Intermediaries’ OTP and MAT Clinic Solutions

Basic Expansion Services

Starting at $1799/year

  • 10 email addresses @yourdomain.com
  • Basic SEO and Patient Acquisition Services
  • Suboxone/MAT Patient Acquisition
  • Mobile-friendly
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Content Creation
  • Telemedicine Suboxone Patient Acquisition
  • Website Hosting for 1 Year
  • Business Listing Management Services (Vitals, Healthgrades, etc.)
  • Contact Forms
  • GetSuboxone referrals
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Ownership of your website

Local Clinic Expansion

Starting at $3599/year

  • Includes a FREE, professionally-designed, medical website ($1999/value)
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Local Suboxone/MAT Patient Acquisition services
  • Telemedicine-Targeted Patient Acquisition Services
  • Receive direct GetSuboxone referrals
  • Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Management
  • Monthly Blog Posts
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Basic Business Management Solutions (Vitals, Healthgrades, etc.)
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Unlimited Website Support and Revisions
  • Contact Forms
  • Ownership of your website

County-wide Clinic Expansion

Starting at $4799/year

  • Includes a FREE, professionally-designed, medical website ($1999/value)
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • State-wide Telemedicine Suboxone Patient Acquisition
  • Enhanced, County-wide Suboxone + MAT Patient Acquisition Services
  • Priority GetSuboxone referrals
  • Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Management
  • Monthly Blog Posts
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Upgraded Business Management Solutions (Vitals, Healthgrades, etc.)
  • Free referrals from websites that appear as Google’s top result for online Suboxone treatment**
  • Unlimited Website Support and Revisions
  • Contact Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What if our MAT Clinic already have a website?

If your clinic already has a website, we can transfer your domain for free, or you can choose a new domain name. If you’d like to keep the website you have now, you can or we can redesign one for free. We can move all your blog posts, information, and pages.

How do MAT Clinics obtain referrals?

We obtain our referrals from our GetSuboxone subsidiary. GetSuboxone is a project dedicated to helping those afflicted with opioid addiction find high-quality, affordable and local substance abuse treatment programs. Clients contact GetSuboxone, and GetSuboxone helps find the best treatment programs near them. Clients are never charged; these services are provided for free, regardless if Healthcare Intermediaries is affiliated with the clinic or not.

From GetSuboxone, Healthcare Intermediaries can arrange patient referrals to your MAT Clinic, provided your clinic meets our standards. This way, your clinic receives patients through your website, and directly through GetSuboxone referrals.

What patient quality standards do MAT Clinics need to meet?

At Healthcare Intermediaries, we’re committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services at an affordable price. With that said, we hold ourselves and our partners to high standards regarding the care they provide.

All of our partners must:

  • Accept Medicaid and Private Insurance for Suboxone Services
  • Have no malpractice claims within the past year
  • Commit to providing high-quality addiction treatment services.
  • Engage in ethical behavior with patients
  • Believe in the significance of MAT and be willing to provide those services to patients who need it.
Important Information

*We have found these to be average values and are not a guarantee. If we suspect your practice will be unable to meet this number, we’ll notify you before our services and reduce your payments accordingly. 

How long until I start receiving new patients?

Due to professional websites typically taking a few weeks to design, you won’t have a website until ~3 weeks paying. As a courtesy, we hold off on billing until the website is designed, so you only pay after it’s operational.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is how Google and other search engines find your website. SEO is a longer process, generally taking between 3 to 6 months before any noticeable results. With that said, our Standard and Premium plans offer referrals from GetSuboxone, so you can still get patients while your website gets discovered by Google.

Why do I have to accept Medicaid for Suboxone?

As part of our standards, we require all Suboxone Clinics and Buprenorphine Practicioners to accept Medicaid and Private Insurances to offset the cost patients pay. We’ve noticed it’s very difficult for patients to pay cash-paying rates during active addiction. We’ve also noticed when doctors don’t accept Medicaid and private insurance, patients have to stop treatment when they can’t afford it. For these reasons, we require our partners to accept Medicaid and Private Insurance for Suboxone Treatment Programs.

We understand Medicaid and Private Insurance does not pay as well as self-paying patients, but we believe we can offset this problem by obtaining more clients.

What is GetSuboxone and how can it help my practice?

GetSuboxone is a subsidiary of Healthcare Intermediaries. It’s committed to helping those afflicted by opioid addiction access high-quality, affordable, MAT and addiction treatment resources. GetSuboxone provides all their services for free and never bills or charges clients seeking addiction treatment.

In order to maintain our high standards of care, GetSuboxone requires all affiliated clinics to accept Medicaid and private insurance.

By partnering with Healthcare Intermediaries, your practice will receive local clients referrals, so you can obtain clients two independent ways: directly through your website, and through GetSuboxone. Through this partnership, clients receive faster and higher-quality care, and clinics receive more patients.

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