5 Reasons Your Practice Needs A Medical Website To Survive in 2021

March 24, 2021


To have a website or not to have a website? At one point or another, every doctor must ask him or herself whether or not he or she wants to invest the time and effort into building a website. Websites can be complicated, frustrating, and difficult for someone who didn’t grow up with technology. While there certainly are obstacles, the benefits of a website almost always outway the time, effort, and cost put into making one. Here are five reasons as to how having a website can benefit a medical practice..

Medical Website Benefit #1: Acquire New Patients

Dr. Marcia Shapiro, MD 5 star Cardiologist.
Websites are just one way to acquire new patients. Review websites like Vitals, Google Reviews, and word-of-mouth are also great ways to recruit new patients.

One of the best benefits to having a website is the ability to acquire new patients. Websites provide a clear and professional first impression to patients looking at your practice. Younger patients like millennials rely primarily on the internet to find doctors. With more and more prospective patients using the internet each year, having a website is essential to continually acquiring patients.

In this age of digital reliance, a website is necessary to reach potential patients. After all, how did you find out about our services? Websites make it possible to reach a wide audience while keeping a small budget.

Medical Website Benefit #2: Promote your Practice

Outside of office building.

Websites are an excellent way of promoting your practice. They essentially act as your field to advertise yourself and your practice. On a website, you can include services you offer, patient testimonials, information about your practice, and leave a good impression on the prospective patient. Best of all, they’re affordable.

We understand smaller medical practices cannot afford to spend nearly as much on advertising as hospitals. They simply don’t have the budget. If you’re looking for “best bang for your buck” in terms of advertising, websites are the way to go. They provide an easy way for prospective patients to learn about your practice while remaining cheap and easy to operate.

Medical Website Benefit #3: Advertise Specific Services and Appear on Google

Featured Google Snippet of offered Medical Services at One Medical. What conditions does One Medical Treat?

In addition to promoting general information, websites are effective at promoting specific services locally. According to a Hitwise study, 68% of patients start their search for a doctor using the internet. Appearing on google provides an easy way to reach a large number of potential patients.

When a patient searches “doctor near _______” or “PCP near _____,” make sure your practice shows up. A cheap medical website can make your practice permanently show up when a patient searches for “doctors in _______.” Appearing on Google is an easy and effective way to grow your practice.

Medical Website Benefit #4: Display Information

Health Insurance Plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, BlueShield, Cigna, Health Net, Humana, Magellan Health, MHN A Health Net Company, Medicare, Molina Healthcare, MultiPlan, Optum, Sutter Health, Tricare, United Healthcare, ValueOptions.

If you asked your secretary how many times a week do people call asking for your hours, how many times do you think he or she would say? Or how many times do you think people call and ask if their insurance plan is accepted? What about if you offer the COVID vaccine? A lot of time patients call to ask questions that can be answered on a website. Imagine how much easier it would be for patients to simply Google “______ hours” or “Does _______ accept Blue Cross Blue Shield?” It’s more convenient for your practice and for your patients.

Websites are great ways to accomplish this. Best of all, Google creates what are known as featured snippets: easy-to-read information that appears as the person searches for your practice. These snippets can make it easier for your patients to find information about your practice.

Pedimedica Teaneck Hours
Google snippets provide your patients with clear information about your practice. In this example, Google clearly displays Pedimedica’s business hours.

Medical Website Benefit #5: Look Professionally

This is the homepage of centerstone.org. Centerstone an example of a professional website design.
Centerstone is an example of a medical practice with a clear and easy-to-read website.

Another benefit to having a website is a look of authenticity and professionalism. Imagine the website like the interior of your office. When patients come into your office, they judge your professionalism by cleanliness and appearance. A website should be informative, easy-to-read, and professional. A website can provide the same benefit, except online. Unlike remodeling an office, updating, expanding, and designing a website is relatively inexpensive.

Need Help Creating a Website for Your Doctor’s Office?

Websites are an easy, cost-effective way to acquire new patients and expand your practice. Are you considering a website but are concerned about the technical aspects? Let us help. We have designed a countless number of websites, including our own. Contact us to learn how we can help your practice.

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